I’m wearing flared jeans. Wait whuuut? Rewind! Yes, I’m wearing flared jeans. When Levi’s invited me to try out their new LOT700 collection I didn’t want to go for another skinny jeans (although the black one is still on my mind).  I never thought this bootcut jeans would ever fit me -I’m a midget you know-, but what a surprise that was, HELLO ENDLESS LEGS.

To get in the autumn mood, I immediately grabbed this rusty jumper from Leon & Harper (find it here in the shop), paired with a grey hat and my super old leather jacket. I love the color of this knit ’cause it reminds me of all those pretty trees and their leafs right now.

I have a horrible long workday today so I better start to mentally prepare myself. Talk to you soon!

Wearing // Leon & Harper knit (I’m wearing size Small)

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