Morning guys! Are you ready for a very personal note? Here we go: I once read a quote “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change” and it  really got me thinking.

I’ve been through a very rough period. I kind of got fired at my dreamjob, I struggled with a lot of personal things (that are all in my head) and I started my own business. All those things were super stressful, and I wasn’t fun at all to be around. I was in a bad mood all the time, I got very pessimistic and I pushed everyone away who loves me (luckily they love me enough to stick around!). Nothing seemed to go well and I was extremely hard for myself.

But, my lovely boyfriend -who’s the most optimistic person in the world- taught me to think more positively. If you want to be happy, decide every morning you’re in a good mood. I’m still learning but I have the feeling this actually works. I feel better, I got calmer inside my head. Because I got calmer, I have this feeling more good things are coming my way. My life is actually changing, step by step.

Maybe you think these lines have nothing to do with the post, but I think these pictures show happiness. What do you think about this subject?

Ps: a little note to you: I also feel so extremely lucky about everything I can do because of this blog! And it’s all because you guys actually like to read my ramblings. And I love all of you for your orders on the shop! THANK YOU ♡

Ps2:  Sorry for the cheesiness, this slave to love sweater from Ganni is pretty awesome too!

Wearing / Ganni sweater, Anna + Nina earring


Photos by Phoebe

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